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9 December 2009

Garment tech boards

Every week for garment tech we are required to produce an A3 board of a certain subject- such as hoods, interesting sleeves, rever collars, and so on.... We have to collect primary and secondary images as well as analysing them. This sometimes proves difficult to collect primary images, as I find myself taking photos of garments in changing rooms...much to the dislike of the shop staff...

7 December 2009


To go with my technical flats in the previous post, here are the illustrations of the collection. I initially drew them by hand, scanned them into the computer and coloured them in on photoshop, to give a neat finish. I plan to work into them further by hand, to show more of the details...

4 December 2009


For my Research and Design Development module, I am required to create a collection on 10 outfits for the designer Yohji Yamamoto. Here are the technical flat drawings of each of the garments- I used Kaledo style and photoshop software.

24 November 2009

What's this? A giant tinsel robin of course...

Here are a few snaps I took when I went to London at the weekend! I absolutely love looking around Harrods ( even if i can't even afford anything in there) as well as Liberty's. There were some really cute shops along Carnaby street and the biggest reindeer I've ever seen in Covent garden!

I must say the most impressive window displays had to be Selfridges, there were crowds of people flocking around them, so I only got to take a few pictures. The theme was fairy tales and fantasy, which included Little Red Riding Hood and puss in boots! The windows were never ending and amazing!

18 November 2009

Donna Karan pre-summer resort 2010

While looking for inspiration for my Yohji Yamamoto project, I came across this collection which had some really nice, feminine pieces in. I like the mix of neutral tones and soft drape, contrasting with tuxedo style jackets and bolder prints. Just need summer to come around now...

17 November 2009

Predicting trends....

For a group work project, I am currently looking into the designer Yohji Yamamoto, analysing future trends for Autumn/Winter 10/11- and coming up with a collection for his main line. Here is a few trend pages that fit well with the designers style.

We also researched into the target market, coming up with customer profile board, and the typical lifestyle of the customer.

We combined some of these future trends, as we found Yamamoto uses different aspects of each of the trends, then went on to produce a mood board- naming it 'Functional Luxury'.

The next stage is to start sketching out initial ideas and illustrations... I'll keep you posted!!

15 November 2009


I love going to vintage shops, charity shops, and car boots to find unique clothes and jewellery. I was SO happy when I stumbled upon this vintage floral dress at a car boot- at a grand total of 50p! I do love a good bargain!

12 November 2009

Future Safari

This was a recent project in one of my modules- digital design. You can guess from the name that all of the work is done on the computer, using software like photoshop and illustrator. We had to choose a theme to create a collection of garments using a brand new software called 'Lectra'. I chose a trend from Spring/Summer 09/10 from a trend website- researching into different prints, colours and fabrics.
The next section of this project is to create the collection- so I will be using Lectra print and Lectra style to draw garments and apply different patterns to them. I have really enjoyed using this new software- I'll put on the finished collections when they are done.

11 November 2009

'Periodic Tessellations' project

Fore one of my modules in fashion design, we got set an assignment to produce patterned tiling for a chosen end use. We had to come up with a theme and colour palette, so I chose to redesign wallpaper for a 70's retro bar. I thought it was a bit different, and I enjoyed researching into 70's patterns and design. We had to design two different tiles, cut them up and rearrange them into alternative patterns.
I then chose the best one, and applied it to the end setting. I found it challenging as we had to work out the costings for raw materials and labour, along with scales and end dimensions.
I am pleased with the outcome and think my designs do have a 70's feel to them.
I never thought I would ever be doing anything like this on a fashion design course- but hopefully it will broaden my skills for the future!

10 November 2009

Giant size...

While I was walking through Leeds today, I had to look twice at this bench! Double the size of an average one, this usual day to day boring object has been turned into something unique. It even had etching and graffiti on- much to the fascination of passers by. Everyone found it very novel- even posing for a photo beside it.
I think it's amazing that just by changing the proportions of a familiar object- it instantly becomes art.

6 November 2009

Feeling Christmassy already!

Everytime I'm walking down Leeds high street, I'm always fascinated by the Harvey Nichols window displays- I absolutely love them! Previous ones that have stuck out in my meomory have been a giraffe made from glass bottles, and a dinosaur made from coat hangers..?! They are like pieces of art, rather than displaying clothes!
I took a few snaps while I was walking past today... made me feel in the Christmas spirit! A gold glittery moon, what more would you want?

5 November 2009

New to the world of blogging...

Just pondering on what to put on my first ever blog... so I think I'll start with showing a painting that I recently did of an iconic Jil Sander dress.
I love how the focus is on the dress, as the model is holding it up like an open fan. I also like the play on light and dark shadow and the low saturation of colours...