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10 May 2010

FASHION: Decoratif

For one of my pattern cutting modules we had to work in a group of 4 and create two outfits. These had to made from nonwoven fabrics and demonstrate a high level of embellishment and decorative techniques. We were inspired by the recent Valentino collection and used techniques such as laser cutting, dyeing, beading and pleating to create these outfits. We are really happy with the end result!

4 May 2010

Shading for my life.

The collection for my Slow Fashion project had to be presented with technical flat drawings showing the detail, and fashion illustrations to portray how the collection looks as a whole.

I did the flats on a design programme called Kaledo style ( I later added the fabric) and wrote a description of each garment alongside.

My collection has 10 outfits in, so I decided for my illustrations to show 3 different ways they could be worn. Each garment has three colourways to produce a wide range of outfits from the one initial garment.

I drew the outline by hand, scanned the images in and coloured the outfits on photoshop. I wanted the illustrations to look realistic so I spent hours shading in everything... Im really pleased with the outcome!

Slow down...

Phew! Finally handed in one of my projects today, after hours and hours spent on it. The project was called 'Slow Fashion' and was about looking at how fast and disposable fashion is damaging the environment.

I researched into different ways I could approach this and decided to create a range of multi-functional garments that could be worn a variety of ways, rather than focusing on the 'eco fabric' concept.

I thought about the target audience and where the collection could be sold, and decided to aim it at the main culprit for fast fashion, 'Primark'.

I mainly designed dresses for the capsule collection, with a few jumpsuits and playsuits to add a bit of variety. The main fabric is bamboo jersey with a high percentage of elastane in, to keep the shape as the garment is being altered.

The pictures show my customer board, mood board and fabric board, along with a couple of sheets of initial ideas Ive scanned in!

21 April 2010

Old Skool...

An A Level Art project I did on 'emotions' and how the body changes to communicate these feelings. I've always loved art and really got into sculpture for my A level projects, to express things three dimensionally.

Madame Grès

Whilst looking for inspiration for one of my Research and Design Development projects, I came across some gorgeous dresses from the designer Madame Grès. She was renowned for producing haute couture in the 1930's, and was considered "the greatest living couturier" in the 1988 edition of Vogue. Her dresses were works of art, she sculpted the fabric directly onto the body (up to 20 metres!) and was one of the first to cut fabric on the bias.
I think her dresses are so beautiful and timeless, and Madame Grès a truly inspiring figure.

14 April 2010

More dash than cash

I love this photo!

I came across this book (it was only 20p!) when in a charity shop, describing Vogue's way of how to look terrific on a budget. I thought it was perfect, due to the lacking funds in a students bank account!

Above all, the pictures illustrated in the book are amazing and timeless, they look like they could be from a modern arty magazine! To say the book is almost 30 years old, some of the trends are seen today, showing how fashion is so cyclic. Ive picked a few of my favourite pictures...

9 April 2010

New love for Bertie shoes

The new gorgeous Spring/Summer 2010 range from Bertie... The collection includes chunky clogs, classic penny loafers and on-trend shoe boots- everything a girl needs to take her from day to night! View the full range at