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11 November 2009

'Periodic Tessellations' project

Fore one of my modules in fashion design, we got set an assignment to produce patterned tiling for a chosen end use. We had to come up with a theme and colour palette, so I chose to redesign wallpaper for a 70's retro bar. I thought it was a bit different, and I enjoyed researching into 70's patterns and design. We had to design two different tiles, cut them up and rearrange them into alternative patterns.
I then chose the best one, and applied it to the end setting. I found it challenging as we had to work out the costings for raw materials and labour, along with scales and end dimensions.
I am pleased with the outcome and think my designs do have a 70's feel to them.
I never thought I would ever be doing anything like this on a fashion design course- but hopefully it will broaden my skills for the future!


Sher said...

Hiya, I'm currently a second year fashion design student at Leeds currently trying to do this assignment. I was wondering did you use one same square/triangle for each of your designs and just rotate and change the colour of them? Or did you use a different cut up square or triangle for each of the 6 tiles. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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