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21 April 2010

Old Skool...

An A Level Art project I did on 'emotions' and how the body changes to communicate these feelings. I've always loved art and really got into sculpture for my A level projects, to express things three dimensionally.

Madame Grès

Whilst looking for inspiration for one of my Research and Design Development projects, I came across some gorgeous dresses from the designer Madame Grès. She was renowned for producing haute couture in the 1930's, and was considered "the greatest living couturier" in the 1988 edition of Vogue. Her dresses were works of art, she sculpted the fabric directly onto the body (up to 20 metres!) and was one of the first to cut fabric on the bias.
I think her dresses are so beautiful and timeless, and Madame Grès a truly inspiring figure.

14 April 2010

More dash than cash

I love this photo!

I came across this book (it was only 20p!) when in a charity shop, describing Vogue's way of how to look terrific on a budget. I thought it was perfect, due to the lacking funds in a students bank account!

Above all, the pictures illustrated in the book are amazing and timeless, they look like they could be from a modern arty magazine! To say the book is almost 30 years old, some of the trends are seen today, showing how fashion is so cyclic. Ive picked a few of my favourite pictures...

9 April 2010

New love for Bertie shoes

The new gorgeous Spring/Summer 2010 range from Bertie... The collection includes chunky clogs, classic penny loafers and on-trend shoe boots- everything a girl needs to take her from day to night! View the full range at

6 April 2010

Give Me Liberty Of London

The leading cosmetic's company 'MAC' and the luxary brand 'Liberty of London' have recently collaborated to produce a beautiful new make up collection called 'Give me Liberty of London.' The collection includes an array of eye shadows, lipsticks, nail lacquers and face powders, packaged in the famous Liberty print. The adorable pattern is based on a William Morris design, which has been modernized to bring it on trend for the spring.

"On to the next one"

This is the new video by Jay-Z called 'On to the next one'. I really like the use of black and white in the video, simple yet powerful. Although there has been some conspiracy behind the meaning of the video- some say that he has included freemason imagery.

4 April 2010

Midnight sketch...

A quick sketch I did last night whilst looking through a fashion magazine. I love drawing faces and the human form, I based most of my art projects on it for GSCE and A Level Art. The media I used for this picture was a HB pencil; just wanted to keep it simple.

1 April 2010


I live in a small village in Lincolnshire, everywhere you look there are tractors and field upon field of flat land. Not exactly the captial of fashion as some would say... This is why I got very excited when I found a small vintage shop hidden in the heart of a local town close by, selling retro clothes from the 40's to the 70's.

It was like an aladdins cave, brimming with vintage dresses, blouses, jackets and everything you could imagine. It was so jammed packed, you literally had to crawl your way through the clothes. Every time I picked up something I like, I found 3 more things underneath it! I could have spent hours and hours there.

Everything was very reasonably priced, most of the dresses were around £12, blouses were £4 and skirts were around £5. I bought a gorgeous purple dress from the 1950's, only £14. Very happy indeed! I can't wait to go back, but I just don't want to be spending all my student loan there...

The shop is called 'Wear It', and can be found on Portobello Row, High St.Sth, Boston, Lincs.