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4 May 2010

Shading for my life.

The collection for my Slow Fashion project had to be presented with technical flat drawings showing the detail, and fashion illustrations to portray how the collection looks as a whole.

I did the flats on a design programme called Kaledo style ( I later added the fabric) and wrote a description of each garment alongside.

My collection has 10 outfits in, so I decided for my illustrations to show 3 different ways they could be worn. Each garment has three colourways to produce a wide range of outfits from the one initial garment.

I drew the outline by hand, scanned the images in and coloured the outfits on photoshop. I wanted the illustrations to look realistic so I spent hours shading in everything... Im really pleased with the outcome!


Josie Fay Haslam said...

The illustrations look amazing! :)

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