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4 May 2010

Slow down...

Phew! Finally handed in one of my projects today, after hours and hours spent on it. The project was called 'Slow Fashion' and was about looking at how fast and disposable fashion is damaging the environment.

I researched into different ways I could approach this and decided to create a range of multi-functional garments that could be worn a variety of ways, rather than focusing on the 'eco fabric' concept.

I thought about the target audience and where the collection could be sold, and decided to aim it at the main culprit for fast fashion, 'Primark'.

I mainly designed dresses for the capsule collection, with a few jumpsuits and playsuits to add a bit of variety. The main fabric is bamboo jersey with a high percentage of elastane in, to keep the shape as the garment is being altered.

The pictures show my customer board, mood board and fabric board, along with a couple of sheets of initial ideas Ive scanned in!


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